To the time when every person is a close friend..

I’m trying to bridge the gap between my inner gardens, oceans, skies and outer shell,

To step out of it

And only then…ali

There will be no secrets to hide

No confidences to tell

Nor reservations

I will not be scared

And every person will be a close friend…



illustration by @ashmeelomamah  on Instagram


A Daydream


I daydream of myself as a choreographer of a dance.
I saw a couple of souls twirling; ascending or descending depending on their journey…
Attracting one another, exactly whom they need to deepen their existence and emerge into higher levels of growth and understanding.. As they twirl, I watch their faces as their emotions unfold.. Promises, laughter, lust, joy, sadness.. Broken promises, anger, jealousy, shame.. I see an infinite expression of emotions..
And still they twirl perfectly 
Genuinely and gracefully…
Alone in their togetherness
No mistakes
No one harming the other
No victims, nor are there villains…
Nothing to forgive, nothing to apologize for.

I can’t do tougher…


When I feel sad, I don’t suppress it, on the contrary I embrace it, I cry, my heart ache, I set alone, write some shit, listen to sad songs, I completely immerse myself into it for few days.
Then that’s it! I move on, I laugh, dance and enjoy my day… life is too fucking short to let sadness get into my soul…
I’m scared and sad as shit but Ali I must keep on going…
I must not let sadness take me down.. I will keep myself intact… Life is tough… Being sad and depressed will only make it tougher.. I can’t do tougher…


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When He Found God..

Between making the cappuccinos and the lattes on a rainy day a childhood friend enters the café.. Whom I haven’t seen in ages, I immediately noticed how his aura was glowing with peace! …
So during a prayer break I went and sat next to him… It felt so strange because we were talking like we met yesterday… ..
He looked at me immediately and
said I left Jeddah for 7 years.. Why?
Running away.. From family and searching for myself
I looked into his deep wise eyes and asked, did you find it?
He smiled.. Yes I did, and then I found God



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Why this appetite to shout?
Why this anger and disrespect …
There was love my dear
There was a laugh.. A tease and plenty of hugs… Confessions and wishes under a full moon and a deep sea

Let’s remind ourselves that we are only visiting for a short period.. No need to shout..


Photo credit: We heart it